Meet and Greet Dog Boarding Dog Kennel, Pace FL, Pensacola FL

At Waggy Tails we give all dogs extra attention to make very sure that they are stress free and enjoy their vacation. Unfortunately, we are unable to care for dogs that suffer from extreme anxiety.

The doors for our kennels are made with chain link gates on them. Please see photos page. If you believe that your large dog would tear up the gate to break out of the kennel, we would have to recommend another great kennel for your dog. Just give us a call, we would be happy to help.

All larger dogs must be 9 months or older and potty trained.

We prefer that all dogs visit Waggy Tails before their vacation so they can see where they are going to be and they can meet the people that will be caring for them. They will be a lot more comfortable when you drop them off for overnight stays if they have already visited the kennel.

If you have a large breed dog that has NEVER stayed in a kennel at all and your not sure how they will react to being with us, we can't make reservations without a 1-2 hour kennel evaluation. We want them to be dropped off so they can experience a small amount of time at Waggy Tails so we can make sure it will be a positive experience for them. There is no charge for this.

If your dog does any of the following during our evaluation, we would not be able to keep them overnight:

•Destructive behavior, trying to break out of kennel, tearing up chain link to try to get out, causing property damage.

•Jumping over a 6 foot chain link fence or block wall. If you know your dog does this, please let us recommend another kennel.

•Pottying in the kennel and walking in it. They must be 100% potty trained. And also, If your dog must take any kind of medication to remain calm during a loud thunder/rain storm or take it to keep from causing property damage or harm to themselves, we would be unable to care for them but we would be glad to recommend a veterinarian facility.

If you have any questions please call Lisa McDaniel at 995-8883.


PACE, FL 32571